Save Money By Resolving Matters Cooperatively Whenever Possible

Debra L. Smith’s Services & Type of Law Practice

Attorney Debra L. Smith is a lawyer, mediator and Justice of  the Peace in Watertown Massachusetts.   Attorney Smith has an active civil law practice.  Ms. Smith handles adoption, prenuptial agreements, divorce, paternity, care and protection, wills, landlord/tenant cases and other areas of law.  She also handles modification of divorce on issues including alimony, child support, custody and other post-divorce matters. She acts as a Guardian ad Litem in the Probate and Family Court  on family law cases in Massachusetts and Court Investigator on juvenile law cases in Massachusetts.  The office provides privacy including direct phone lines and designated fax line.

How Attorney Smith Tries to Save Clients Money

Ms. Smith tries at the beginning of a new case to work matters out to an agreement, whenever possible.  Believing that filing suit first and talking later cost clients more money, she often sends a letter to the opposing party after being hired for a new case asking the other party to try to work a matter out amicably with their attorney and her and her client.   Her favorite processes to try to resolve matters are using the collaborative processes or mediation, which are less expensive than having a trial on a case.  Ms. Smith offers fixed fees or hourly fees using the collaborative law process.   Mediation cases are billed hourly and paid at the end of each session.  Ms. Smith has a team which includes paralegals who work under her supervision and are charged at a lower hourly rate.

Professional Memberships

Massachusetts Bar Association,

Massachusetts Council on Family  Mediation, Inc.,

Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, Inc.,

Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem,

The Divorce Center, Inc. and

Massachusetts Justice of the Peace Association, Inc.

Disclaimer and Policy

All statements made on this web site are for informational purposes only. Nothing contained herein should be construed as a legal opinion by Debra L. Smith.  Fee Agreements are required in all cases where Ms. Smith is retained for representation in legal matters.


Some of Ms. Smith’s photographs were on display at the Watertown Free Public Library in the T. Ross Kelly Family Gallery on the second floor at the Watertown Free Public Library at 123 Main Street in Watertown, Massachusetts:

In September 2012 and December 2012 (as part of the holiday show) in exhibits called “Remember Getting Away…”
In April, 2011, in an exhibit called “Color and Light, a Treat for the Eyes” and in April 2010 and July 2010, in an exhibit called “Positive Emotions.”
In December 2007 and December 2008, Ms. Smith’s photographs were exhibited in shows called “Art of the Seasons.”  at the Watertown Free Public Library and in February 2010, at the Arlington Center for the Arts at the Tufts Street Community Gallery.

Ms. Smith has taken wonderful photographs of participants at the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, Inc.’s Annual Institutes. Please visit  to view the pictures.    The most recent pictures at the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation Annual Institute were taken on December 8, 2017.


Please visit to view other photographs.

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mba eco challenge

Ms. Smith was a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Eco Challenge Task Force.  She was also one of the Signature Signers of the Massachusetts Bar Association Eco Challenge.   This Eco Challenge Task Force wrote Green Guidelines for Lawyers, which are located at  The list of Pledge Partners  is listed on the Massachusetts Bar Association website at



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